Multi Blog Slider

Hello guyz, I am going to Introduce a Sider which I am calling it “MB Slider”. Means Multi Blog Slider. As the name says it is a multi blog slider which you can use in your wordpress multisite setup.

By this plugin you can show your perticluler categories’ posts’ featured image in a slider. Just follow the steps shown as below.

Click here to download the plugin.

Step 1: Install the plugin and enable in network.


Step 2: Go to widgets page from “Appearance-> Widgets”. Put the widget wherever you want


Step 3:Fill up the details which you want


1. Enter title for the widget

2. Enter blog id of which images you want to show in slider

3. Insert category ids of that blog

4. And Save the settings

Step 4: Now see the front end. You are done with it


If you like this then comment hare.

Thank You.